Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting
Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

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Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

To The Home of the "Quickdraw™" Flutterblast™ Turkey Decoy
by Lem-o-Ward™

World's Fastest Deploying Decoy

A sincere "thank you", to all of our customers that have supported us over the years. JoAnn and I are now both retired and will not be offering our decoys, or other Lem-O-Ward products for sale after October 4 this year, (2014).
Between now and then, while they last,  turkey decoys will be $15.00 each plus handling; no shipping charge.
Gone Huntin!
Joe & JoAnn

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A work in progress!

Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

Earliest photo


Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

Working on it


Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

Recent photo


Turkey Decoy, Turkey, Goose, Hunting

An Early Model



About 35 years ago, we purchased a tiny hunting cabin in the National Forest in Northern Pennsylvania. Only a couple years later, one of our hunting buddies put up the LEM-O-WARD sign. Grossly misspelled, it was my great grandfather's name, "Remauldo," changed to Leonard by immigration after he arrived in the United States around 1900, then merged into something like "Lemauld" by his friends. An early misspelling in print ended up as LEM-O-WARD; it's been the name of our hunting camp ever since. Now, all our friends refer to the general area as "LEM-O-WARD TERRITORY."

"Quickdraw™" / "Flutterblast™" Turkey Decoys, a little story.

"Quickdraw™" turkey decoys were born several years ago after a couple of frustrating spring turkey hunting seasons around LEM-O-WARD Territory. My Uncle Ray and I spent two spring seasons chasing around the same granddaddy long beard. He roosted a lot near the top of a steep cliff above a couple very small benches, with a couple larger benches above him and several other benches way below. He could see and hear you coming 300 yards away. Early in the season with hens, he'd gobble like crazy on the roost, hang around a bit gobbling, but always went the other way with the hens. Some mornings we waited for him and some mornings he'd come back. We'd cluck, yelp, purr, cackle, scratch and move on him when he'd drift away. He'd answer, come back a couple of times, but only circled and strutted well out of range. Later in the season he'd pick up a couple jakes. The jakes would run in to our calls, but in the open woods he never came closer than 75 yards. We tried set-ups on the edge of heavy cover, but the jakes always came in first. Sometimes in the laurel he'd come in close behind us, but never in front where the laurel opened into the woods. We talked about using decoys, but had abandoned decoys over the years because they we're just a pain in the butt. We knew that a good decoy could be a tremendous advantage in certain situations; but, fish it out of your pouch, find the sticks, fluff it out, put it all together, etc. etc. It is difficult to set up quickly when you find a hot one, and hard to move on a bird with decoys. About mid season the second year chasing this bird, we decided to carry a couple decoys anyway, just seeking any advantage possible. One morning real early about mid season, after giving him a couple days off, we worked our way in behind him, and sat. Well before daylight he gobbled on the roost. We moved to within about 100 yards along the top bench above him, said nothing and waited; a couple more gobbles.......... then nothing! Several minutes later, about daylight we heard birds come down. I whispered to Ray, "should we try the deeks this time?" "We need all the help we can get," he said. We leaned our guns against a tree and both fished out different versions of the "rubber chicken." Another gobble, then Ray dropped his sticks. I whispered for Ray to go set himself up and I'd finish the decoy sets; fluff one open,………….. seconds going by, .....………..... rustling over the knoll, maybe still 80 or 90 yards away, sticks together.............one set up, ...........……more seconds going by, ........….........unfold the second decoy,……………. more seconds, where's the other X*#@!*&~# sticks?.......….......a hair raising gobble just about 80 yards over the knoll,..................&!*@ the second decoy,….... grab for my gun,…... look up.. and,.. there they were looking at me, about 70 yards away, the Big Bad Beard Draggin Boss and his little buddy, ...another split second,.. and they were gone!

Ray said, "we need a better X*#@!*&~# decoy!!

And the quest for "Quickdraw" began!

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